New employee entry system

The form of on-the-job training can be divided into two categories, one is the traditional form of training, mainly: on-the-job training, on-site training, lecture

training and programmatic teaching and training; the other is new forms of training, mainly non-formal learning training. , audition training,Analog training,

remote network training, outdoor training and consulting training. Both traditional training and new forms of training have their advantages and disadvantages.

The key is to combine the characteristics of training resources, training objects and other factors to make them flexible and Get the most out of it.

MT culture system

Managing the trainee system helps increase the attractiveness of the company's talents with the most leadership potential and helps to make it the best leader

and keep the organization a lasting competitive advantage. TAG Heuer quickly created a group of excellent tubes through the tube culture system The staff quickly

promotes the leadership of the company and promotes the healthy and rapid growth of the company.

Professional skills training

Hooya provides systematic vocational skills training for all business elites, improves the professional quality of the backbone; enables the company's many years

of skill accumulation to be passed down, and develops the organizational atmosphere of “passing, helping, and bringing”, thus fostering “technical excellence

and certification” for the company. "Skilled talent."

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